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One of the best ways to get people interested in your site is to include a test of some kind. For example, if you are a florist you might test your visitors on their "flower savvy" or if you are a roofer you might prepare a little test to help people determine if it might be time to consider a new roof.

We can design your custom test with backgrounds and colors that will best fit the style of your site. Test questions and answers should be provided to us in electronic form.

Below you will find an example of a custom test.

What's your relationship to GIFTS?

1. Does it bother you if you have a very busy day ahead of you? YES NO
2. Do you feel sorry for somebody who has a lot of work? YES NO
3. When choosing a present, is price the crucial factor for you? YES NO
4. Would you change something about your partner? YES NO
5. When you're home alone, do you feel bored? YES NO
6. Does flattery please you even when you think it may be false? YES NO
7. Are there presents that you know wouldn't please you? YES NO
8. Do you refuse a request for help from someone you don't like? YES NO
9. Does it bother you if the person you are talking to looks straight into your eyes? YES NO
10.Do you prefer receiving presents over giving presents? YES NO


Price: $20.00